UCOH Webinar Resources June 2020

Welcome! This page contains materials related to the webinar “Transforming Blame into Shared Responsibility,” offered by the Way of Community to members of the Unity Church of Hawaii on June 4 and 5, 2020.



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Other Notes

  • Three strategies to bring interdependence and shared responsibility to life:
    • Recognize that I have freedom of choice regarding my actions. Nobody can force me to do anything – I always have options available.
    • Cultivate curiosity about the impacts of my choices on myself and others. Accept that these impacts may be different from my intentions.
    • Take responsibility for the quality of my own experience – and allow others to take responsibility for the quality of theirs! I can care about and empathize with the experience of others without taking responsibility for it.
  • One strategy to help another person hear my feedback as an expression of what is precious to me is to begin by saying, “I invite you to hear this as my experience.” I remind myself that I have no control over how someone else hears me, regardless of how carefully I speak.