The Way of Community arises from the desire of human beings to create meaning and connection through the lived experience of community. When we enter this journey, we go beyond merely wishing for community and establish a robust framework to bring human values to life. Within this framework, we integrate and apply three potent and proven methods to produce the transformational experience of meaningful community.

Core Values

  • Connection: Community members value the quality of their working relationships with each other.
  • Equivalence: Each community member has an equal voice in deciding the conditions for working together.
  • Effectiveness: Community members value getting things done to achieve their shared vision.

Central Precepts

  • Vision (why): A shared view or dream of the world held by community members.
  • Mission (how): How the community operates in order to realize the vision – the internal view.
  • Aim (what): A product or service that is the focus of work for the community – the external view.


  • Adaptive Structures: Our adaptive organizational structure generates flexibility, resilience, equivalence and effectiveness.
  • Aim Realization: We make collaborative decisions and get things done.
  • Relational Development: We cultivate structures and processes for living and learning together, transforming conflict and sharing power through sharing leadership.


  • Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method: Provides an integrated governance model that produces organization and organizes production.
  • Compassionate Communication: Provides a framework for relating with each other based on our shared human experience.
  • Restorative Circles: Provides a restorative community practice for transforming conflict into connection.