We offer various services to individuals, small groups and communities on the Way of Community journey:

  • One-on-one coaching and support.
  • Coaching, support, mediation and facilitated conversations for families and small groups.
  • Facilitation of meetings, restorative practices and transformative rituals for communities.
  • Training, coaching and facilitation for communities, businesses, non-profits and other organizations.

While our preference is for live interactions in real time, we also offer some of our services virtually through online meeting platforms. Please contact us today to explore how we might support you!

We enjoy offering these services in the spirit of generosity, because doing so satisfies many precious qualities of life for us. We also live in a money-based economy, so we use currency to pay for food, shelter, clothing, recreation, travel and other things. Until the day when we all operate within a different system, there will likely be an exchange of money involved in our work. Our hope is to provide an experience of working together that goes beyond charging fees and writing contracts. We want to cultivate relationships where we are open to many different ways to meet needs through offers and requests.

Want to know more about our longing to cultivate a system of natural giving and transform our relationship with money? Please contact us.