Heart of Transformation Resources

This page contains resources related to the workshop “The Heart of Transformation” held at the Kalikalos Holistic Centre in Anilio from July 1 – 8, 2023.

Latest Update: 7 July 2023

Experience Matrix

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Spiritual-Emotional Healing (setting intentions)

    • Setting Intention: “We, the infinite and endless consciousness, set the intention… …with love and gratitude, NOW!”
    • Bare Presence: Room Zero; nothing going on.
    • Joyful Fullness: Soul Room; connecting with joy, clarity and power.

Principles of Basic Attendance

    • Being With: Practicing “presence without agenda.” Coming back to mindfulness when distracted. Developing awareness of impulses and then letting them go like thoughts.
    • Letting In: Cultivating compassion and opening to the other person.¬† Accompanying the other person on their bumpy ride. Tonglen on the Spot.
    • Letting Be: Things are just as they are and just as they must be. Experiencing it all with equanimity; accommodating what’s happening without manipulation.
    • Mutual Learning: The fruition of the practice, making interdependence and inter-being visible. Moving beyond concepts of “self” and “other.”