We create meaning and connection on the framework of Adaptive Structures, Aim Realization, and Relational Development.

This framework fosters the core values of connection, equivalence and effectiveness.

Adaptive Structures
Our adaptive organizational structures generate flexibility, resilience, equivalence and effectiveness.

  • When we need clarity and accountability to get things done, we use a linear structure with leaders who direct the work of the teams and groups.
  • Periodically each team or group meets as a circle to make collaborative decisions about how they work together.
  • To provide the two-way flow of power and accountability, every level of the community is interconnected.

Aim Realization
We make collaborative decisions and get things done.

  • The community establishes documented, repeatable processes and procedures to achieve measurable outcomes.
  • Teams and groups at all levels of community make collaborative decisions with the consent of all circle members. This produces policies that everyone has a voice in and everyone can live with.

Relational Development
We cultivate structures and processes for living and learning together, transforming conflict and sharing power through sharing leadership.

  • Effective communication and interpersonal connection grow from a shared trust that everyone’s needs matter and everyone’s voice is important.
  • Leadership is a function that is shared among community members. Members commit to sharing power and developing their own skills for working together.
  • The community places a high value on connected relationship and uses restorative practices to transform conflict into connection.