Introduction to Sociocratic Circle Meetings

Coming in late March 2022, The Way of Community is offering a five or six session online workshop introducing the Circle Meeting format of the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method (SCM).

The course begins with an Embodied Learning session for learning the basic theory of decision making, followed by three or four practice sessions (number depends on enrollment).  In each of the first three practice sessions, we introduce one of the three Sociocratic decision-making processes. Then one or two participants have the chance for live facilitation practice with coaching and feedback from Gregory.

In the closing session, we bring the learning together and develop strategies for ongoing learning and practice.

See course details and registration links below.

Session Schedule (each Zoom session 2 hours; 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM PDT)

    • March 28: Opening Session
    • March 31: Practice Session #1
    • April 4: Practice Session #2
    • April 7: Practice Session #3
    • April 11: Practice Session #4 (depending on enrollment)
    • April 14: Closing Session (may be held on April 11 depending on enrollment)

Minimum participation: 5 participants, with 3 practicing facilitation
Maximum participation: 12 participants, with 7 practicing facilitation

Price: Sliding scale $100 – $300; $100 deposit reserves your spot.

Workshop Session Details

Opening Session (March 28)

    • Embodied Learning activities to establish shared understanding about decision-making in general and consent DM in particular.
    • Brief introduction to circle meeting format and the three Sociocratic decision-making processes.

Practice Sessions (March 31, April 4, 7, 11)

    • Introduction to one of the three Sociocratic DM processes (Sessions 1-3 only).
    • Opportunities for one or two participants to practice facilitating a decision process.
    • April 11 session depends upon enrollment.

Closing Session (April 14)

    • Reflection, Q&A from previous sessions.
    • “What next” dialogue in pairs and as a group.
    • May be held on April 11 depending on enrollment.

Benefits to Participants

    • Up to seven participants have the opportunity to facilitate a “semi-simulated” decision process for the group with coaching and feedback.
    • Each practice facilitator receives an additional 30-minute coaching session with Gregory, to help prepare for practice facilitation.
    • Resource webpage with downloadable and online resources.
    • Ongoing personal support and coaching after the course by request.